Hailing from the moonshiner hills of Brown County, Indiana, this brand of smooth bourbon blues is a mix of multiple genres influenced by the European Blues tradition. Classically trained at the prestigious IU Jacobs School of Music, raised on rock n’ roll, and steeped in back wood bluegrass jams, Amanda Webb Band distill a sophisticated flavor with a major kick.

Amanda Webb

After years of classical vocal and piano training in some of the world’s most renowned musical institutions, Amanda’s train took a detour deep into rural Indiana.  And that’s where she found her soul.  From a crossroad of life experience and ingrained skill she sings the blues like melting truth.

She began with a focus on Opera, graduating from Interlochen Arts Academy and later the prestigious Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.  After graduation, she traded the cosmopolitan life for small business and family in the back hills of Brown County with her paramour, Brian.  Together they have weathered the storms and reeled in the blessings of 5 electrically charged boys, small town life, entrepreneurialism, and pursuing the American dream.  She has run a burgeoning teaching studio, established a real estate development and rental company, and continues to homeschool all the boys.  But children grow older, time makes you bolder, and blues became the most natural inclination for a new musical beginning.  Amanda Webb Band was born in the fall of 2015 to a small local following.  Welcome to the new beginning.

Brian Webb

Brian is the lead guitarist, and tone master of AWB.

Growing up in Brown County, he began with the study of violin.  However, after starring in several High School musicals he decided to continue his musical studies in voice at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music.  While there he realized his true passion for playing blues guitar, but was disinterested in pursuing life outside of his beloved home town.  Keeping his roots in Brown County he is raising a family of 5 boys with Amanda, works with the family business, Webb and Son’s Auto body, and established a real estate development and rental company.  Brian joins the band making it the best of two worlds- family and the blues.

Grady Ferguson – Bass

Dropping it in the pocket like a boss, Grady is our heartbeat on bass.  While playing for the Payton Brothers Band he opened for Leon Russell and played the Mulberry harvest festival in 2007 in Arkansas with Keller Williams and Big Smith headlining.  Able to leap all genres in a single bound, he also drops the bottom for The Rusted String Swindlers bluegrass band.  Originally from Ellettsville, IN, he lives in Bloomington with his growing family.

Casey Simmons – Drums

Smooth bourbon blues are served on the rocks with Casey driving the beat on percussion.  Multi-talented, he also plays bass, and guitar.  Particularly, he is a lightening fast picker in the bluegrass arena, where his other projects include The Rusted String Swindlers which has performed throughout the Midwest.  When he’s not playing music he enjoys time with his family and the great outdoors.  Originally from Unionville, IN., he and his family currently reside in Brown County.

Rusted String Swindlers