AManda's Other PRojects

Straitjacket Escape Music, Inc

Creating a musical middle class

Straitjacket Escape (SjE Music Inc)  is a non-profit organization formed with the mission to develop and support musical artists through educational programming in music business, curated growth opportunities, and support resources.  

Musicians no longer have to either starve for their art or "make it."  In this digital age there is plenty of room in the marketplace for a musical middle class.  With the proper focus a creator can make a living wage from their craft.  

At SjE we seek to serve musicians in three major areas:  Fundraising, business education, and the creation of larger performance opportunities outside of major industry hubs.  



Leading a Rock and Roll Rebellion

Decades of experience come together in this high energy explosion of Rock.  Siren melodies dance with wickedly mercurial rhythms calling the dead to life.  More of a call to action than simply music, Sustayn fiercely reminds everyone that life is here and now.  It's time to rebel against the living death of just going through the motions, breeding negativity, and holding yourself back.  Get a "Front Row Seat" and "Take It All".  You were "Born with the Horns" so "What Are You Waiting For"?